The best kind of lawns for summer houses: how to choose

Dacha is associated with work in the vegetable garden and subsequent recreation with a fragrant kebab. But often this place with a barbecue and a gazebo is not equipped at all. Lawn will help to quickly improve the site. Dacha owners are faced with a huge choice and do not know how to choose a lawn, which is better to plant at the dacha.

Зеленая лужайка

Which grass is better: types of lawns

Types of lawn grass for the plot are a huge number. Let’s consider the main types.


The simplest and most popular option for the dacha. He is the best for inexpensive sowing. When choosing seeds, it is better to stop on bluegrass or ryegrass. The growth of grass is medium, and seeds can be bought in any dacha shop. This lawn is better to plant in places where no one walks, but you want to give an aesthetic appearance. It also requires frequent watering.

Зеленый участок


The best option for a private house. It is also called moorish. The most common flowers that are chosen for sowing are:

  • Gypsophila;
  • cornflowers;
  • flax;
  • poppies;
  • daisies;
  • bells;
  • carnation.

Цветочная поляна

Mowing is only required twice a year. This lawn is best for places under fences, around trees and areas where the soil is not fertile enough.


The composition of this grass mixture is best chosen for lawns, as it includes several varieties of lawn plants. A mixture of bluegrass, fescue, volesia is used – such grass will get along better on a dacha with good light. Watering should be daily, and mowing every three days. This is the most beautiful covering, it looks luxurious and expensive.

Английский газон на даче


The right choice of lawn grass for dacha, if you need to perform the arrangement quickly. It perfectly suits the plots around the dacha house. It is famous for the fact that it quickly takes root. Many consider it to be the best lawn for a holiday cottage or a plot near the house:

  • easy to maintain as it has minimal weeds;
  • easy to restore if an area is trampled.

Газон в рулонах

This type can safely be called perennial. Rolled lawns use bluegrass and fescue. This lawn grass is better to choose, because it can safely walk and play children, stand a barbecue, arbour or deckchair.

Lilliput lawn grass

If you want a lawn that is undemanding to the soil, this type is perfect. Lilliput lawn grass is the best for the dacha. It does not require special care and is able to hold a brazier, a deckchair, a person without pushing in. Also, it does not need shade for growth and lush colour. The grass will continue to grow as it does in the light.

Лужайка у дома

It is necessary to cut only in the second year after sowing. Another plus is the pleasant sensation. Walking on Lilliput grass is a pleasure. This grass mixture is better to choose those who like to relax in the countryside with children and animals, running on the grass barefoot.

What to choose

If you do not know what to choose a seeded lawn for a dacha or private house, then decide on the place and purpose of this grass:

  • If you want to decorate the space under the fence and between the trees, a flower lawn is excellent. However, it is important to choose the right type of flowers that will grow on the grass.
  • Rolled or meadow grass is great for weekend seating.
  • To make the yard look luxurious – choose the English version.
  • Meadow lawn will suit any landscape design.

The choice of lawn grass is quite painstaking, but the result will please for a long time.

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